New Pixel Art Kit Scifi Space Station

New Pixel Art Kit Scifi Space Station

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The Force Will be with You with my New Pixel Art Kit Scifi Space Station!

Avalaible to buy in my Unity3D Store and GameDev Market


Pixel Art Scifi Space Station contains 150 quality pixel art sprites that you can use to create a 2D side-scrolling game. This Scifi Space Station is great to create a metroidvania style game!

The sprites are png with transparency (original psd and an Unity sample scene are also included)

Detailed list of the content:

Background, composed by 3 pieces and extras (57 sprites):

– TOP (ceiling) 3 types (tubes and 2 metal variations)

– MID (wall) 3 types (tubes, simple, keyboard) 8 color variations (blue, brown, emerald, green, grey, orange, purple, red)

– BOT (floor) 3 types (tubes, simple, grille design)

– Extras:

– TOP with hole, BOT with hole (air vent door, useful for travel between sections)
– Long wall (useful for make big roms)
– End Top (useful to cover TOP’s ends)

Decorations (9 sprites):
– 2 blood splats
– Metal Sign for sections and numbers S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4
– Space window
– Wires

Doors, 2 types (17 sprites):

– Frontal view door: green and red lights (to indicate if the door can be opened or it’s blocked) and 8 color variations (blue, brown, emerald, green, grey, orange, purple, red)
– Side view door

Props (23 sprites):

– Barrel, 5 color variations.
– Barrel “stickers” for put on the barrels: “Flammable”, “Caution” and “Nuclear”
– Box
– Metal box
– Medical kit
– Bullet: gold and silver
– Energy container
– Laser gun
– Platform: small and long sizes
– Stairs: small and long sizes
– Teleporter

Robots, 2 types (12 sprites, they are made by pieces):

– Turret robot
– Flying robot

Traps (15 sprites):

– Laser trap with 6 laser colors
– Spike trap

Character UI (18 Sprites):

– Player Bar plate
– Energy and health bars in 3 colors
– Score plate
– Score numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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